List Your Business on The #1 Business Directory For Eleuthera

Eleuthera hub is a free online business directory for Harbour Island, Spanish Wells, and Eleuthera.

All businesses on the above islands are welcome to create a listing for their business.

Benefits of creating a listing;

  • Increased visibility: A local business directory can help increase the visibility of your business, particularly for customers who are searching for businesses in your area.
  • Greater reach: A local business directory can help you reach a wider audience, including people who may not have otherwise known about your business.
  • Improved customer loyalty: By being listed in a local business directory, you can help build customer loyalty by making it easier for customers to find and connect with your business.
  • Increased credibility: Being listed in a local business directory can help increase the credibility of your business, as it shows that you are an established and reputable member of the community.
  • Enhanced SEO: Some local business directories also offer SEO benefits, which can help improve the ranking of your business’s website in search engine results. This can help drive more traffic to your website and ultimately lead to more customers.

Get started creating your business directory listing in 3 easy steps

  1. Sign up to create an account here
  2. Add your business information
  3. Publish

Once you submit your listing it will be reviewed and approved within 48hrs

Watch our desktop tutorial or cell phone tutorial below

5 Things you should do when creating your business directory listing

A local business directory listing can be a powerful tool for your business, therefore it’s important that you take full advantage of the features of

  • Fill out your listing completely, especially your description and map location.
  • Add a good image. Can’t stress this enough. No flyers and small images (they will look blurry) and nothing inappropriate
  • Use tags to further classify your listing. Tags are searchable, so someone can sort by “cash only” tag or “credit card accepted” tag
  • Add your social media listings so people can find you on the platform of their choice
  • Share

How to add your business to Eleuthera Hub using a Mobile Phone Tutorial

How to add your business to Eleuthera Hub using a Desktop PC

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